Adobe photoshop is a free photo, image editing software, where you can change your photo or image. It's a part of graphic design & also for outsourcing.

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Adobe photoshop tools

There are 53 tool in adobe Photoshop . and the tools are -

Move tool (v)
Rectangular marquee tool (m)
 Elliptical marquee tool (M)
 Single row marquee tool
 Single column marquee tool
Lasso tool (L)
 Polygonal lasso tool (L)
 Magnetic lasso tool (L)
Magic wand tool (M)
Crop tool (C)
Slice tool (K)
 Slice select tool (K)
Healing brush tool (J)
 Patch tool (J)
 Color replacement tool (J)
Brush tool (B)
 Pencil tool (B)
Clone stamp tool (C)
 Pattern stamp tool (C)
History brush tool (Y)
 Art history brush tool (Y)
Eraser tool (E)
 Background eraser tool (E)
 Magic eraser tool (E)
Gradient tool(G)
 Paint bucket tool (G)
Blur tool (R)
 Sharpen tool (R)
 Smudge tool (R)
Dodge tool (O)
 Burn tool (O)
 Sponge tool (O)
Path selection tool (A)
 Direct selection tool (A)
Horizontal type tool (T)
 Vertical type tool (T)
 Horizontal type mask tool (T)
 Vertical type mask tool (T)
Pen tool (P)
 Freeform pen tool (P)
 Add anchor point tool
 Delete anchor paint tool
 Convert point tool
Rectangle tool (V)
 Rounded rectangle tool (V)
 Ellipse tool (V)
 Polygon tool (V)
 Line tool (V)
 Custom shape tool (V)
Notes tool (N)
 Audio annotation  tool (N)
Eyedropper tool (I)
 Color sampler tool (I)
 Measure tool (I)
Hand tool (H)
Zoom tool (Z)