Adobe photoshop is a free photo, image editing software, where you can change your photo or image. It's a part of graphic design & also for outsourcing.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Natural  wallpaper  free download.

this wallpaper was create by Photoshopped CS5. this wallpaper has used 4 tools and also used layer style. Try to make wallpaper use Adobe Photoshop CS5 like this wallpaper. This wallpaper you set your desktop background photo.  So download this wallpaper and enjoy this wallpaper also.

I hopefully you will like this wallpaper.
wallpaper creator Tarikul

Thursday, 5 September 2013

How to create Neon illustration a simple wall paper cool in adobe Photoshop CS.

Final Image preview

In this tutorial , we are going to design a simple wallpaper illustration with neon digits in adobe Photoshop CS . I hope you enjoy this tutorial  and that it inspires you to create your won illustration for cool wallpaper . Let's get started .
open adobe Photoshop CS. Start working by creating a new document (ctrl+N) in adobe Photoshop with the size 640px by 480px .

Click in the color bar to open the gradient  editor and the color stop as shown click ok to close the gradient editor dialog box.

 Get a new layer and do fill color.  

select the horizontal type tool (T) than select font.

now select layer and go outer glow , inner glow.

Then you see this is perfect.